Custom Filigree Family Home Design Etched Pint Glass, Personalized Flourish
Custom Filigree Family Home Design Etched Pint Glass, Personalized Flourish
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Custom Filigree Family Home Design Etched Pint Glass, Personalized Flourish

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This custom filigree family glass is a perfect gift for any home. The glass is a 16oz commercial pint glass, etched with a personalized flourished design. Personalize the design with your name, year, and title! Available individually, or in sets of 2 or 4, but feel free to contact me for bulk order pricing. No quantities are too large.

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How these are made:

I start your order by building the design in Adobe Illustrator, taking note of your customization requests. Once every part of the design is perfect, a template for each piece is cut, using a commercial grade vinyl plotter. I methodically remove all of the areas of the template that will be etched. (A process known as weeding.) The vinyl template is then applied to the glass, ensuring the design has proper placement and adheres flatly so that every line will be sharp. The glass is sandblasted, carving your design into the glass, using a blend of media and pressures to give a texture unique to Cronus Customs. Finally, the glass has the vinyl template removed and is washed. This process guarantees the design will be permanent and you will have an item that lasts a lifetime.

Care Instructions:

Etched glass doesn’t require a lot of special considerations but here are a couple tips to keep it like new:
--All of my glassware is dishwasher safe
--Glass frames/shadowboxes can be cleaned with clear window cleaner. (Blue window cleaner can deposit its blue dye into the etching after repeated washings.)
--Wine bottles are best to be handwashed using any dish soap and warm water.

What if my order arrives broken?

I personally pack every order by hand and have gotten product protection down to a science, however, every once in a while the carrier finds a way to destroy a package. (My damage rate is currently less than 1%) If you order arrives broken , just send me a message with a photo of the broken item(s) and a photo of the package. (These 2 photos are required by the carrier for me to file a claim with them.) I will then put the production of your replacement items at the top of my schedule and will get the replacement to you ASAP at no cost.

*As with any glass items, if they are subjected to rapid, severe temperature change or dropped, they can break, leaving very sharp edges. Always be sure not to pick up broken glass with your bare hands (speaking from experience here).

Handmade item

Materials: Glass

Made to order

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